Jean-Vincent d’Abbadie, Baron de Saint-Castin

Originally posted on Micheline's Blog:
Baron de Saint-Castin by Will H. Lowe, 1881, Wilson Museum Archives (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jean-Vincent d’Abbadie, baron de Saint-Castin Régiment de Carignan-Salières The 1670s in New France I am currently trying to tell the story of Jean-Vincent, baron de Saint-Castin (1652 -1707), but fatigue has slowed me down. Jean-Vincent came…

Total disgraceful behavior in Toronto Canada

I am very angry today why is it that people that drive feel that they can just park in the middle of that crosswalks and block handicapped ramps. So that handicapped individuals cannot access the disability ramps. Then what makes me really mad is that when I confronted the woman about what she had done …

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