My opinion on the riots , racism and looting

If you burn and loot innocent peoples homes and businesses then you are a racist piece of garbage. Burning and looting are pure acts of racism and hatred and have nothing to do with justice. The Native people of North America have dealt with pure hatred for hundreds of years. Many Native cultures have been wiped out because of hate but they do not go around burning and looting like what is taking place today. .
My Native ancestors where hated so much in what is now Canada that they actually had a price put on their heads to be murdered and scalped for who they were all for trying to live in peace and protect their lands. And even today the Native people of Canada and the USA are still experiencing pure hatred for who they are. . Many of ancestors of eastern canada who were of Native blood had to live in fear and hide their true heritage and identity in order to stay alive. So racism affects many more then just one group of individuals. Sick and fed up with people burning and looting and trying to pass it off in the name
of justice..

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