To tired of living in pain and sickness 24/7

Well made it through one more so call Christmas. Each year it gets harder to do I almost did not get past this one.

With living in severe pain every day not being able to afford the dental surgery i need. . While i was working in the film industry i could afford stuff like this. Now that i am disabled and rely on s mobility device and film set are not handicapped accessible. I have almost zero chance of getting work on sets. Doing back ground work. And with many of the Auditions not being accessible its next to impossible getting any auditions. And the fact the my film union Actra does not hold productions accountable many disabled talent are shut out of the industry. And with no extra income coming in things just keep piling up. It’s like a chain reaction Before I will ever get another audition all my rotted teeth and extensive surgery needs to be done.What casting director is going to hire something like this.First photo is of my teeth now.Second photo is what my teeth looked in 2012.But 7 years of high amounts of pain medication and throwing up do much destroyed my teeth..Each day the damage to the gum bone gets worse which means there will be additional surgery required to repair the damge so they can even install the anchors yo hold the dentures in place. As the damage grows this means more extensive grafting surgery with pig bone that will have to be done..With the extensive pain now done to the teeth and bone just walking and the movement in my mouth causes severe painSo after trying everything in the book I am left begging for help on the internet.Do you understand just how hard that is for some that always worked and did not ask for anything from anyone.Now with sinking this low I have to deal with the daily nasty comments on my fund raising campaing. It just goes to show just how best and evil people can be towards

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