I am mad as hell

Due to my health problems I get home maker services through this outfit Seniors Services and Long-Term Care. Homemakers and Nurses Services Program – HMNS run by the city of Toronto.

They then subcontract the services to other community agencies. Well going back about three months the girl I had she quit for a better paying job.

Then I go a month with out services to clean my home. So because of the nerve damage in my legs and the amputation I can not stay on my feet very long.

So about to months ago the services sends me a female and the first thing she does when I go to show her the kitchen she starts complaining about all the dishes.

Then she is in the kitchen sweeping and I walk to my apartment door and she then starts telling me what to do in my own home. I said to her do not be telling me what to do in my home I did not raise my voice at all. So I go sit down and watch tv and she makes a comment to me asking if I was offended by what she said . I said yes I was she then turns and says she was leaving I did not say anything to her at that point.

So I call the agency and file a complaint then I get a phone call a couple of days later from my care coordinator we book an appoint for her to come and talk about what happened.

Then the day of the appoint I get a phone call last minute that she was canceling it. So now two months go by I am still with out services I call the office the other day and find out that my services had been canceled and I was no longer getting them.

Really nice way to treat sick and disabled seniors why I did nothing wrong. The so call city department never returned any of my calls so after i found out my services were cut i sent them an email saying i would take a polygraph on what i said and not that it’s worth much. They city of Toronto is looking to cut what ever services they can to save money.

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